February 17, 2019 0

Trump lashes out at key authorities engaged with Russia test

President Donald Trump is lashing out at key authorities engaged with the Russia test, specifically previous FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe and the present delegate lawyer general, Rod Rosenstein.

In a meeting with CBS’ “a hour” that publicized Sunday, McCabe portrayed Rosenstein as having raised the possibility of summoning the 25th Amendment to expel Trump from office. Trump says McCabe and Rosenstein “seem as though they were arranging an exceptionally unlawful act, and got captured.”

Trump tweeted Monday: “This was the illicit and treasonous ‘protection approach’ in full activity!”

Rosenstein issued a disavowal of McCabe’s record a year ago. He said any proposal that he had ever upheld for the expulsion of the president “is completely false.”

McCabe was terminated a year ago by the FBI.

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