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The mother of a English Taliban suspect held by Joined together States troops in Camp X-Ray today said her “polite what’s more, obedient” child would never have move toward becoming included in terrorism Nurse Zumrati Juma, from Croydon, south Londo

The mother of a English Taliban suspect held by Joined together States troops in Camp X-Ray today said her “polite what’s more, obedient” child would never have move toward becoming included in terrorism
Nurse Zumrati Juma, from Croydon, south London, called on Prime Serve Tony Blair to induce the US Government to hand her 22-year-old child Feroz Abbasi to English authorities
In her to begin with major open statement, Ms Juma said: “Feroz is a well mannered what’s more, loyal youthful man
“I do not accept he would have got included in terrorism
“I am extremely stressed about him – his brother, sister what’s more, I miss him extremely much
“I’m startled he is being treated badly, what’s more, being kept in a confine without any exercise I don’t accept Feroz is being given opportunity to talk about the conditions he is being kept in or, on the other hand his wellbeing – the physical conditions or, on the other hand indeed the psychological
“To get lawful rights for him I need him to be brought back to the UK what’s more, I do not think Mr Rumsfeld (Donald Rumsfeld, US Protection Secretary) ought to be setting conditions for this ”
Miss Juma said of her son: “He was brought up a Muslim yet was not intrigued in religion until two a long time ago
“He vanished a year back what’s more, I’ve never halted seeking for him ”
Abbasi is one of five Britons being held at the Guantanamo Inlet jail camp in Cuba after being caught by US troops in December after purportedly making a difference guard the last Taliban fortification of Kanduz
Ms Juma was joined at a press gathering in focal London by the father of another Briton being held at Camp X-Ray
Riasoth Ahmed said he was concerned for the welfare of his 20-year-old child Ruhal
Mr Ahmed, a Bangladeshi Muslim who has lived in the UK for 35 years, said in a statement: “My child has no association with any aggressor Islamic association what’s more, has never communicated any radical see with respect to Islam or, on the other hand the US
“I am on edge about the time it is taking for a choice to be made by the US as to the status that is to be managed to my son
“He is right now being held without charge what’s more, denied of any rights ”
Both guardians were talking at an occasion at the Law Society’s London base camp at which the society what’s more, the Bar Human Rights Council called for the US to regard the human rights of detainees from the Afghanistan conflict
Law Society president David McIntosh said: “The run the show of law require captors to permit prisoners get to to lawyers
“The American specialists are denying that fundamental right to English prisoners at Camp X-Ray
“I will today be composing to the Prime Serve to inquire him to take activity at the most noteworthy level in the US so that authorization for get to to legal advisors is given immediately ”
The US has portrayed the prisoners as “unlawful combatants” Or maybe than detainees of war, what’s more, has however to finalise the charges they will face
Mr Ahmed said: “I was shocked like numerous others by the occasions of September 11
“My sensitivities are with all those influenced by these occasions what’s more, I censure all frames of terrorism
“I am greatly concerned as to the welfare of my child what’s more, have seen on TV the condition the prisoners in Cuba have been subjected to
“In particular, my child has a genuine eye condition which requires treatment what’s more, I am frightful that this may not have been treated ”
It appeared that US nationals who were confined for battling for the Taliban were being treated in an unexpected way to other detainees, he said, adding: “I would inquire the English Government to ask that my child be given over to them so that on the off chance that there is any charge or, on the other hand wrong-doing leveled at my child it can be tended to in this country
“I have confidence in English equity what’s more, know that any trial here would be reasonable what’s more, my child would be given the opportunity to guard himself
“This has been an greatly troublesome time for me what’s more, my family what’s more, I look to the English Government to guarantee that the rules of characteristic equity are followed to what’s more, my child is secured as a English citizen ”
Ms Juma said that last week she gotten a letter from Abbasi at Camp X-Ray which was stamped “prisoner of war mail”
She said: “If the US respects my child as a detainee of war he ought to be given the rights of such a prisoner
“I do not accept Feroz has done anything to legitimize his imprisonment, which I accept is unlawful ”
Louise Christian, the specialist Feroz Abbasi what’s more, his mother, said: “Whatever classification the individuals at Camp X-Ray come under they are entitled to a few frame of assurance under the Geneva Convention
“We are extremely bothered by the remarks made by Mr Rumsfeld which appear to show that he has no regard for the run the show of law
“People can be indicted as it were in the event that there’s confirm against them or, on the other hand in the event that they are liable of a crime ”
Ms Christian said she would be arranged to travel to Cuba “today” in the event that Mr Abbasi was permitted get to to a lawyer
She too censured the US Government for looking for to force preconditions on Mr Abbasi returning to Britain
“My customer Ms Juma needs her child returned to England without conditions being imposed I think it’s a disfavor that Mr Rumsfeld is endeavoring to do that, she said
Conditions at Guantanamo Narrows as an “absolute outrage”, she said, adding: “We know that they are being kept in cages
“They have two pails each, one filled with drinking water what’s more, the other to urinate in The clean arrangements are totally inadequate
“The confines are open to the components what’s more, it’s exceptionally hot in Cuba “

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