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Prime Serve Tony Blair was today disclosing points of interest of the Queen’s Brilliant Celebration celebrations Mr Blair was reporting to MPs point by point plans to stamp the Queen’s 50-year reign The Ruler will set out on a across the country Br

Prime Serve Tony Blair was today disclosing points of interest of the Queen’s Brilliant Celebration celebrations
Mr Blair was reporting to MPs point by point plans to stamp the Queen’s 50-year reign
The Ruler will set out on a across the country Brilliant Celebration visit taking in all districts of England, Scotland, Ribs what’s more, Northern Ireland
In addition, she will visit Jamaica, New Zealand what’s more, Australia next month, what’s more, Canada in October
But the peak of festivities at home will be a four-day weekend, from June 1 to June 4, at the point when nearby road parties are being empowered what’s more, there will be pop what’s more, established music shows in the Queen’s plant at Buckingham Palace
Also, amid the Windsor Horse Appear in May, there will be an equestrian event highlighting 1,000 horses
It is the to begin with time the Royal residence grounds, as a rule the setting for selective illustrious plant parties, will be opened for open concerts
Tickets for the pop what’s more, established concerts, amid an broadened June Bank Occasion weekend, are free to individuals over the UK what’s more, will be allotted by ballot
The shows – there are 14,000 tickets for each – are being created what’s more, broadcast around the world by the BBC what’s more, will be appeared on monster screens raised close the Royal residence for individuals without tickets
Tickets for the Royal residence shows will be accessible free from February 12
Two of Britain’s brilliant oldie shake stars – Sir Paul McCartney what’s more, Phil Collins – are anticipated to join up for the pop show of the year in the Royal residence grounds
US soul diva Aretha Franklin is too among stars set to play for the Ruler along with possibles Sir Elton John, Robbie Williams, Eric Clapton, Bryan Adams what’s more, Stevie Wonder
The Royal residence will affirm the star billings for the June 3 show at the point when subtle elements of how to apply for tickets – through a telephone line or, on the other hand on the Web – are declared next month
On February 12, the Royal residence will moreover discharge subtle elements of how to apply for free tickets for the June 1 established show in the Queen’s garden
Following the pop concert, the Ruler will light a signal flagging the begin of a astounding firecracker show what’s more, a chain of reference points extending over the UK what’s more, the Commonwealth
In addition, on Tuesday, June 4, there will be a Brilliant Celebration Festival Exhibition in The Mall, close to the Palace
The Ruler will go to a National Thanksgiving Benefit at St Paul’s Cathedral, London, on June 4, taken after by a Brilliant Celebration lunch at Guildhall in the City of London
The long 2002 Bank Occasion end of the week begins on Saturday, June 1, with the established show in the Royal residence garden
On Sunday, June 2, there will be Celebration church administrations what’s more, bell-ringing over the UK
In May, a multi-million pound Brilliant Celebration equestrian spectacular, with a big name cast of 2,000 what’s more, including 1,000 horses, will be arranged in Windsor
All The Queen’s Horses, on May 16, 17 what’s more, 18, is being financed by enormous business, at no cost to taxpayers
Tickets for the 90-minute evening appears will be accessible evaluated from £30 to £75
The appear will be organized at the 2002 Illustrious Windsor Horse Show, on an all-weather arena, against the scenery of Windsor Castle
The finale will reproduce the 1952 Crowning ordinance procession, highlighting the Gold State Mentor pulled by eight dark stallions on a unique track to convey its four-ton weight
A purpose-built stage, surrounded by a 50ft lion what’s more, unicorn, will be raised to house the 80-piece orchestra, 100-voice choir what’s more, dancers
A weather-proof surface, costing £200,000, will be laid to shape the field what’s more, the 4,000 spectators’ seats will be secured by a clear PVC stand
Organisers have learned a lesson from the ill-fated horse spectacle arranged to celebrate the Ruler what’s more, Duke of Edinburgh’s 1997 Brilliant
Wedding, which had to be scratched off since of waterlogged ground
The Ruler is welcoming individuals conceived on February 6, 1952 – Promotion Day – to extraordinary Brilliant Celebration plant parties
Accession Day babies, conceived on the day the Ruler came to the honored position 50 a long time ago, could go to one of two plant parties facilitated by the Ruler what’s more, Ruler Philip, at Buckingham Royal residence what’s more, Holyroodhouse Palace, Edinburgh, on July 9 what’s more, May 25 respectively
Some 3,000 English nationals are thought to have been conceived on Increase Day and, in the event that they need to, all could go to the plant parties
A add up to of 3,500 solicitations will be accessible for individuals who send duplicates of their birth declarations to nearby Ruler Lieutenants’ offices
Each 50-year-old welcomed will be capable to bring a visitor matured 18 what’s more, over Solicitations will be disseminated on a pro-rata premise between Master Lieutenants’ offices
Initially qualification is restricted to those conceived on February 6, 1952, yet incorporates individuals conceived abroad on this date who are presently living in the UK as English citizens
Invitations not allotted to Increase Day babies will be disseminated in the ordinary way to a cross-section of the open who have profited the community

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